Customer success practice assessment

Customer Success Practice Assessment

Define a sustainable and profitable business model based on recurring sales without compromising your existing revenue. Subscription-based consumption threatens your profitable business model? Demand generation requires a lot of resources and does not bring the projected margin? Do you experience increasing market pressure without clear guidance on the next steps? Consider this workshop to define the roadmap to success for you and your customers.

Value Proposition

The workshop accounts for the years of experience of market practitioners from SMB and enterprise businesses operating in various geographies, including the regions where the subscription model is only developing. It provides a comprehensive overview of the business areas and processes crucial for scalable and recurring business setup. It defines the customer success practice mapped onto the partner’s business with its opportunities and constraints.

The workshop identifies the gaps on the path to successful recurring business and provides a mitigation plan. The partner will get a clear understanding of the best practices for similar businesses and a set of actionable insights for immediate implementation.

Discussion Topics

  • Understanding the concept of Customer Success defined through the recurring (subscription-based) business model. Best practices overview
  • A series of in-depth discussions encompassing business streams crucial for profitable recurring business: business planning, go to market, account management, adoption and expansion, renewal management and more
  • Business process and tooling assessment and best practice sharing
  • Gap review and high-level gap mitigation consulting discussions with the key stakeholders

Delivery formats


  • Assessment report detailing the findings across ten customer success capabilities
  • A rating heatmap indicating the partner’s customer success practice maturity
  • Current gaps assessment across each of the functional areas and high-level recommendations for accelerating the maturity
  • Timeline for closing the gaps and maturity acceleration
  • Supplementary materials and insights

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