Azure Advanced Specializations - Consulting Offer

Because of the value and ROI that an Azure advanced specialization can bring to a business, many partners choose to pursue multiple advanced specializations—each one requiring a separate audit.

ISSI offers consulting services that can significantly increase a partner’s success in the Azure advanced specialization audit. Consulting for a single advanced specialization is conducted over two days and includes a checklist explanation, an in-depth discussion of audit best practices, an audit rehearsal with evidence review, a gap analysis report, and follow-up support communications prior to your audit.

ISSI also offers a cost-effective and efficient bundled consulting engagement for partners seeking multiple Azure advanced specializations. This offering includes the elements listed above but allows you to cover two or more advanced specializations in the same session while taking advantage of bundled pricing.

An Azure advanced specialization consulting engagement includes:

  • Planning and Checklist Review
    • Clarification of requirements
    • Audit methodology and resource planning
  • Evidence Review
    • Review and compliance check of Partner-prepared materials
    • Identification of gaps with suggestions and recommendations for closure
    • Best practices and tip for preparing for the audit
    • Evidence review report

    To ensure objectivity, consulting will be conducted by someone other than the auditor assigned to your audit. Consulting is conducted remotely using your preferred conferencing platform.


    The cost for a two-day session covering a single Azure advanced specialization is USD 6000. Please contact us for bundled consulting pricing (covering multiple advanced specializations).  

    Next Steps 

    For more information on ISSI consulting services or to immediately schedule your Azure advanced specialization consulting engagement, please contact