ISSI Partner Program Management

The cloud providers’ challenges

Our clients typically highlight the following key challenges within their channel partner programs:

  • A low level of visibility into partner capabilities results in poor customer experience and the inability to identify core issues and target partner investment accordingly
  • An inconsistent level of expertise within the channel slows cloud consumption

ISSI solution 

ISSI manages client-specific programs that enable cloud providers to quantify, assess, and improve the quality of services available to partner organizations migrating or managing customer workloads.

Our clients’ audit and certification programs are designed to assess channel partner capabilities against business and technical requirements through a broad-based evaluation of a partner’s ability to provide cloud professional and managed services. These assessments can also provide a more focused look at  partner capabilities specific to workloads, solutions, or industry vertical markets.

ISSI’s consultative best-practice driven approach ensures that partners also receive maximum benefit by identifying their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Program design, delivery, and optimization

ISSI works with our clients throughout the certification program lifecycle from initial concept through design, delivery, and optimization.

At the design stage , a dedicated team of ISSI program managers and subject matter experts work with the cloud provider to define the program’s business objectives, deliverables, and timeline. Audit requirements are co-developed and tested in pilot audits prior to program launch.

During delivery the ISSI operations team works independently to progress partners through the audit process with minimal disruption to business activities. ISSI manages the process from end-to-end, including scheduling, auditing, and reporting of results. Activity and results are monitored closely with the hyperscaler client in weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings and business reviews.

Optimization of audit programs is ongoing, driven by the high pace of change in cloud provider offerings and as a result of feedback from partners, auditors, and our hyperscaler clients.

Why work with ISSI?

Commitment to Security and Privacy Management: ISSI holds ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 27701:2019 certifications, demonstrating our commitment to information security and privacy management through independent certification.

Extensive Experience:
ISSI has completed more than 5000 audits/assessments on behalf of industry leaders including but not limited to Microsoft, AWS, Google Cloud, and Oracle. A minimum of 100 partner audits or assessments are completed every calendar month; as such, our team has amassed an extensive and ever-growing knowledge base of partner best practices.

Global Reach: ISSI is a global organization, with 65+ auditors and consultants based in over 21 countries and with language and cultural support virtually everywhere cloud providers and their partners operate.

Next steps

Please contact us to learn how working with ISSI can improve customer experience, drive consumption, and grow channel capabilities.

Supported Programs


  • Managed Service Provider (MSP)
  • Competency

Google Cloud

    • Managed Service Provider (MSP)
    • Specializations


  • Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (AEMSP)
  • Azure Specializations


  • Managed Service Expertise (MSE)

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