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Prepare and enable your company for hyperscale cloud certifications and address the main challenges faced in the process. Upon engaging with our team, ISSI will assign a consultant who is a subject matter expert to work with your team through two or more of the following stages: checklist readout, evidence review, rehearsal, and gap report.

Audit readiness preparation

Prepare for hyperscale cloud certification through in-depth guidance and review of the material that you will prepare for your audit or assessment.

Achievement of these certifications presents partners with a range of challenges, including:

  • Regular updates in the checklist control points, requiring partners to be constantly evolving internal capabilities and processes to be audit-ready.

  • Audit preparation is typically very time-consuming and requires input from a multi-skilled team with direct knowledge of the customer examples to be used during the audit. This creates a significant additional workload that is not billable.

  • Partners that do not have a compliance function often lack expertise and experience in interpreting audit checklist requirements and translating these into relevant actions and documentation.

  • Partner employees who are new to the audit process can find the audit process stressful and intimidating.



ISSI’s audit readiness preparation service enables partners to prepare comprehensively for cloud certification. Upon engaging with our team, ISSI will assign a consultant who is a subject matter expert to work with your team through two or more of the following stages:

  • Audit process and best practice guidance: advice on the process, evidence preparation, and presentation.

  • Checklist review: each audit requirement is discussed in detail to ensure a full understanding of the intent of the control, and the type of documentary or demonstration evidence required.

  • Evidence review: including a detailed review of the evidence identified during the readout. Feedback is provided on identified strengths and weaknesses of each piece of evidence, and if required, an action plan to rectify any omissions.

  • Audit preparation reporting: a written report detailing findings, gaps, and an actionable remediation plan is provided by the ISSI consultant.

  • Audit rehearsal: in which the ISSI consultant acts as an auditor and takes your audit team through a "dry run" audit.

Value Proposition

  • Your audit team’s time is optimized and focused on effective actions, releasing other personnel to focus on billable activities.

  • The risk of an auditor identifying gaps requiring remediation action is minimized.

  • Members of your audit team can approach the audit process with the confidence required to successfully present evidence of compliance.


  • ISSI manages partner audit programs for the world’s leading cloud service providers and works directly with partners to help ensure program compliance.

  • Our team of consultants and auditors is located across key markets globally to ensure a rich blend of experience, local market knowledge, and strong cultural fit. The typical ISSI consultant has over 20 years of experience in the technology sector and has conducted multiple audits and assessments for the world’s largest cloud service providers and other industry leaders.

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