Customer Success


Get a comprehensive overview of the business areas and processes crucial for a scalable and recurring business setup. Define the customer success practice mapped onto your business with opportunities and constraints. Elevate your customer’s experience.

Customer success business model

Understand the best practices to accelerate the development of your customer success business plan.

Consider this consultant-led workshop to co-develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) on Customer Success business plan.

The workshop accounts for the years of experience of market practitioners from SMB and enterprise businesses operating in various geographies, including the regions where the subscription model is only developing. It provides a comprehensive overview of the business area crucial for scalable and recurring business setup. It defines the customer success practice mapped onto your business with its opportunities and constraints.

The workshop identifies the gaps on the path to successful recurring business and provides a mitigation plan. You will get a clear understanding of the best practices for similar businesses and a set of actionable insights for immediate implementation.


Value Proposition

  • Optimize the cost of Customer Success practice
    • By documenting the goals, target, strategy, and implementation plan, the partner will have a concrete idea of the right resources required to align with the Customer Success strategy. This will optimize the cost and justify any investment required.

    • Accelerate time to market of Customer Success.

  • Shorten the time to market from a year to a month, by leveraging the best practice and consultant’s subject matter expertise and experience (saving as much as 11 months).

    The earlier the practice is “operational,” the earlier the organization will gain benefits such as improved customer retention, customer satisfaction and upsell & cross-sell.

  • Refine monetization strategy to transform Customer Success into a paid service.

    By refining the charter and strategy, and creating innovative offerings, Customer Success can be transformed from a free service to a paid service offering. Thereby providing a new revenue stream.

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