CCoE Development

CCoE Development

Design and implement a cloud center of excellence to manage your cloud practice efficiently and at scale. Do you feel that your business departments work in a silo? The teams are not focused on growing your cloud revenue, prioritizing traditional business instead? Each cloud project is treated separately, and no sufficient standardization exists? Is it unclear how to foster internal research and development of competitive value-added services? Consider this workshop to design and implement a governance and operations structure that will streamline your cloud practice, generate innovations and accelerate the revenue

Value Proposition

The workshop helps the partner develop an operational structure for the Cloud MSP business. A series of interactive whiteboarding sessions will design the efficient CCoE model and define the governance structure, pivotal management streams and standards for operations. The partner will get the CCoE charter encompassing business and technical areas.

The workshop will also develop an implementation plan with defined targets and success metrics. As a result, the partner will get the design for the CCoE that will accelerate the partner’s value-added services, cloud revenue and margin.

CCoE Development value proposition

Discussion Topics

  • Assessment of the partner’s cloud practice with gap analysis
  • Exploration of the ISSI’s efficient CCoE framework and market best practices
  • Whiteboarding sessions: the partner will work with the consultants on defining the CCoE model, its charter and focus areas
  • Development of the CCoE program plan for the three horizons of growth

Delivery formats


  • Partner’s cloud practice assessment report
  • CCoE charter
  • CCoE business plan

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