Is a CMMC Pre-Assessment right for your organization

ISSI consultants collect information about your on-premises and cloud-based computing environments, identify potential non-compliance, and offer prioritized recommendations in a custom report used by executives and technical staff.

Value Proposition

Cyber attackers can find and exploit weaknesses even in the best defenses. As attacks become increasingly sophisticated, it’s more important than ever to identify and mitigate those weaknesses before they get hacked—and build a corporate culture that makes cybersecurity a priority. An ISSI Cybersecurity Pre-Assessment identifies and quantifies security vulnerabilities in your IT environment. Our security experts evaluate weaknesses that attackers will target and provide mitigation options to eliminate or reduce your risk.

Discussion Topics

A CMMC Pre-Assessment from ISSI can help your organization:

  • Recognize new attack vectors
  • Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate the extent of potential business and operational impacts of non-compliance
  • Ensure comprehensive System Security Plans (SSP)’s are in place
  • Provide justification for increasing security investment
  • Meet CMMC requirements
  • Achieve CMMC compliance
  • Realize a competitive edge

Our Methodology

ISSI conducts on-premise, virtual, or hybrid assessments. Our experts work with your company’s IT staff to guide and provide mentoring on CMMC security controls. It starts with a one hour kick-off meeting that includes the senior leadership team to review the cybersecurity environment and ensure it is part of corporate culture, and not just a checklist.

Our team of professionals conduct the pre-assessment using one, two, or all three methods of examining, testing, and interviewing to obtain a body of evidence. This is organized and turned into a summary report by ISSI that provides an evaluation of the cyber maturity of the organization and identifies vulnerabilities that require remediation to comply with CMMC security controls. Additionally, the assessment team determines and verifies the company’s Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS) score.

Companies receive a breakdown of the 17 domains and the current number of practices required at each of the CMMC levels. Security controls that do not meet CMMC standards are summarized and organized into a prioritized list to help IT staff determine which practices to remediate in order of precedence or level of importance.

ISSI has the expertise to evaluate each of the CMMC security controls. By partnering with ISSI, companies can benefit from a CMMC pre-assessment to strengthen their cybersecurity posture. Using a Good, Better, Best format, ISSI enables companies to evaluate remediation options for cost and effect.

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