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Implement Global Best Practices in CMP

Define areas of opportunity and create a plan to achieve the desired future-state

Cloud Management Platform

Workshop Overview

The interactive 2-day remote workshop to enable MSP partners to develop a CMP roadmap for adoption in alignment with the partner’s goals and objectives​ includes: 

  • Overview of the CMP requirements and characteristics adopted in the industry
  • Provide best practice for each functionality of an MSP’s Cloud Management Platform
  • Discuss CMP reference architecture for each of the core CMP functionalities
  • Discover current-state and maturity level of our partner’s CMP Implementation 
  • Define areas of opportunity; create a plan to achieve the desired future-state
  • Provide frameworks to evaluate multiple CMP Tools available in-market

Workshop Deliverables

  • Detailed report that identifies the global best practices in CMP implementation for each of the core capabilities​.
  • Report identifies the strengths and gaps in the partner’s current implementation of CMP​.
  • Current maturity ratings of the CMP implementation based on best-in-class implementation​.
  • High-level guidance for future state best-in-class implementation that aligns with partner’s business needs and goals​.

Who can Participate?

  • Chief technology officer 
  • Service delivery personnel
  • Chief cloud architect
  • Customer success managers
  • Technical support/automation engineer
  • Customer support

Key Success Factors

  • Leadership sponsorship
  • Subject matter experts’ participation
  • Program manager

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