cloud managed service provider evaluation

Cloud Managed Services Provider Evaluation

Define your value-add strategy, business objectives and the achievement plan. Are you new to hyperscale cloud? Need to rapidly put your business in the best shape for providing profitable cloud services? Consider our foundational evaluation workshop to create your achievement plan.

Value Proposition

The workshop defines the hyperscale cloud MSP business on various best practice examples. It provides a framework for a successful MSP organization and an overview of the partner’s gaps. As a result, the partner will be able to clearly define their cloud value-add strategy, the business objectives and the achievement plan.

Discussion Topics

  • Overview of the partner business models based on ISSI’s global consulting practice insights. Includes quantifiable data and shows partner challenges by model.
  • Overview of the customer demand structure by customer type based on ISSI’s global consulting practice insights.
  • Discussion on the market trends.
  • A detailed walkthrough of a successful MSP’s “must-have” capabilities with mapping to current business and an implementation timeline.
  • Review of the identified gaps within the partner’s current business setup.

Delivery formats


  • A report detailing partner’s gaps on the way to successful cloud MSP practice
  • An implementation timeline
  • Self-assessment spreadsheet-based tool
cloud MSP deliverables

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