Searce achieves valuable Google MSP certification with help from ISSI

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"ISSI played a key role in helping us achieve our Google MSP status. The consulting team at ISSI was very knowledgeable and always kept our best interests and future in mind. This allowed us to venture beyond just meeting the audit control points to create a global MSP practice that meets the growing needs of our clients."

Vishnu Arunachalam Cloud Consulting,

About Searce

Searce, a modern technology consulting firm seeking to scale its global customer base, was invited into Google's Managed Services Providers (MSP) Program to deepen its relationship with Google Cloud, deliver more services, and expand its market reach. The company, which focuses on cloud, AI/ML, and analytics solutions, turned to ISSI and its consulting services to help prepare for the rigorous Google MSP audit and in turn enable the business to grow.

Pursuing A Google MSP Certification To Growth The Business

Searce is a modern technology consulting company that empowers its clients to enhance their businesses by leveraging cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics solutions. Headquartered in Humble, Texas, the company's employees serve customers from offices in the United States, India, Europe, and Indonesia. For over 15 years, Searce has focused on building technical expertise in Google technologies and platforms, including Google Cloud, Google Workspace, and Google Maps. Its purpose is to implement better processes and systems for its customers globally. A strong Searce professional services team has helped migrate more than 200 companies to Google Cloud to help them achieve greater agility, IT scalability, and cost savings. The Searce Managed Services team has also grown over the past few years by helping customers sustain and improve their investments in Google Cloud.
A critical milestone for Searce's expansion strategy was to achieve certification in the Google Managed Services Providers (MSP) Program. The certification would ensure that its people, processes, and tools were ready to scale globally.
Searce management felt they needed an experienced partner to consult on best practices throughout the certification process and to help enhance the company's business maturity within the existing managed services practice.

Turning To ISSI's Consulting Expertise

Searce decided to work with Information Security Systems International (ISSI) to prepare for the audit, which provides both audit and consulting services globally for partners of the world's leading hyperscale cloud services providers.
The engagement included ISSI consulting sessions and a pre-assessment workshop to identify gaps and areas for improvement in its technical expertise and to help validate the evidence and documentation needed to pass the audit. ISSI first met with Searce leadership to understand its goals, and then provided consulting and guidance over a short period of time. The ISSI services were based on proven methodologies that took Searce across multiple stages to not only prepare for the audit, but also to transform its managed services practice, enabling global business growth in the future.
"The methodology used by ISSI was very efficient in helping us prepare for the audit. They provided guidance that helped us strike the right balance between making the necessary investments and adhering to a stringent deadline," says Vamsi Krishna, Assistant Vice President for Service Delivery. "Throughout the process, ISSI made recommendations that not only helped us meet our immediate goals with the audit, but also to invest in the future to meet our growing needs."

MSP Certification Helps Searce Build Business Through Multiple Service Offerings

Searce passed the Google MSP audit in February 2021, accelerating its global expansion plans. As a Google MSP, Searce's modern tech consulting and implementation expertise will be augmented with offerings to help clients get onto the Google Cloud Platform faster and manage their infrastructure at scale.
Searce's MSP practice includes cloud consulting and implementation packages and global delivery centers. The delivery centers operate 24×7 and are staffed by more than 350 experts with experience in infrastructure, migration, and data engineering services. The MSP practice also provides infrastructure- and application-level monitoring, and continuous improvement and optimization services to deliver lower costs, enhanced security, and improved resource performance for customers.
Searce's MSP certification is a testament to its decade-long partnership with Google, an achievement that Searce accomplished with help from ISSI, says Krishna.
"Considering the fact that we picked a very aggressive timeline for completing the MSP, the ISSI consultant was able to assess and pinpoint controls that needed additional attention and work from our respective teams while also identifying improvements on other controls," he says. "The depth of experience and domain knowledge that the ISSI consultant provided was very valuable. It was evident all the way through the engagement sessions, from the initial checklist reviews to the more detailed evidence review workshops.