Security Services

Build your security capabilities with the goal of becoming a mature ISO 27001 organization. We help you identify opportunities to strengthen your ability to handle threats today and tomorrow.

Security Kickstart

Two Day Workshop

Explain the security concepts.

Explain business continuity concepts

Gap analysis – assess the partner’s current situation*

Determine the partner’s needs

Create and distribute a report

Cross-referenced to the ISO 27001 controls and the relevant MSP controls.

Expert Security Consulting

Assistance in documenting policies and procedures

Advice on relevant standards

ISO 27799 Medical data Privacy for 27001

ISO27701 privacy information management for 27001 Like GDPR

ISO 27018 Cloud data Privacy for 27001

ISO 22301 Business Continuity

Preparation for ISO 27001 Certification

Guidance towards ISO 27XXX family certifications is covered in during standard five day engagement.

Strategy, objectives, and leadership 

System management: policies/processes/procedures, operation planning, assets, risk management, resources, competences, awareness, monitoring improvement.

A detailed GAP analysis with relevant recommendations.

Introduction to Registrars

Connect with key standards institutions.

ISSI works with clients to ensure a smooth transition towards certification.

Introductions to registrars are made through a third-party.

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