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PTGA is a consultant–led analysis of partner capabilities compared to leading Next Generation Cloud MSP’s

Partner Transformation Gap Analysis (PTGA) 

Workshop Overview

The PTGA is a consultant-led analysis of partner capabilities compared to leading Next Generation Cloud Managed Service Providers. The PTGA benchmarks the partner’s hyperscale cloud business (Azure, AWS, GCP services) against the global best practices.

Evaluations are undertaken to leverage ISSI’s proprietary assessment framework, and a vast dataset gathered through the four years of the PTGA delivery, consulting, and auditing best-in-class MSPs. 

The partner is provided with an understanding of existing gaps and high-level recommendations around thirteen functional capabilities to accelerate the maturity of the hyperscale cloud services.

Workshop Deliverables

  • Assessment report detailing the findings across thirteen functional practice capabilities around business, processes and tools.
  • A maturity ratings heatmap indicating the partner’s cloud maturity following the ISSI’s proprietary assessment matrix​.
  • Benchmarking of the partners current capabilities with best-in-class MSPs, visualized in a Partner Transformation Index quadrant (PTI quadrant)​.
  • Current gaps in the partners across each of the thirteen functional areas and high-level recommendations for accelerating the maturity​.
  • Guidance on how to build a profitable next-generation MSP practice​.
  • Timeline for closing the gaps and maturity acceleration​.
  • Supplementary materials and insights​.

Who can Participate?

  • Executive leadership
  • Head of HR
  • Product development and product marketing
  • Sales, presales and demand generation teams
  • Service management and customer success teams
  • Head of professional services

Key Success Factors

  • Executive participation
  • Key stakeholders’ participation
  • Appointed program manager
  • HR and marketing alignment

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